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We have the accumulated experience and technical development over 30 years on composite processing of various adhesive materials.

Based on the application of those knowledge, we manufacture diagnostic medical device, “Strip Meniscometry Tube (SMTube)”, developed for a simple, accurate, swift and minimally-invasive assessment of tear meniscus volume.

The tear film stability is closely related to the tear volume. Thus, the tear volume is an important parameter to conduct tear-film-oriented-therapy properly, where the treatment of dry eye disease or the postoperative care for refractive and cataract surgeries are typical examples of such.

SMTube takes only 5 seconds per an eye to check whether client has healthy amount of tear or not. The score of SMTube correlate with Schirmer’s Test Score, as well as TMH (Tear Meniscus Height) score of OCT (anterior ocular segment).

The advantage of this product is: 1. 5 seconds simple test with no anesthesia needed. 2. Almost Non-Invasiveness lets you accurate measurement due to no reflex secretion. (In fact, it is important to not induce reflex secretion when applying SMTube, in order to acquire accurate score) 3. Most importantly, patients hate pain, and SMTube’s non-invasiveness enables painless diagnosis.

Other Business Lineup:

  • Processing and production of tape products
  • Design and fabrication of labor-saving equipment
  • Development, design and fabrication of visual inspection system for PCB

Application of CASIA SS-1000 Optical Coherence Tomography Tear Meniscus Imaging in Testing the Efficacy of New Strip Meniscometry in Dry Eye Diagnosis

11th May 2023

Abstract Purpose: To investigate the applicability of CASIA SS-1000 anterior-segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT ... Read more


11th May 2023

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