Tape Processing Techniques And Equipment

1. List of Processing Techniques

Slit width > 5mm  Limit breadth 600 mm

2. Laminating
Three axes Limit breadth 700mm
Simultaneous whole area pasting
Patial laminati

3. Punching
Whole punching
Combined whole punching and half-cutting
Punching with partial exposure of adhesive area
Punching for multiply combined materials
(beaten copper, abrasive, nonwoven fablic, beaten stainless-steel, plastic film)
Type includes blanking, etching, engraving blade, and mold (outsourced).

4. Inspection and Packing
Visual inspection, Magnifying lens, Stereomicroscope
Toolmaker's microscope

5. In-house automated equipment
①Integrated production from raw material blanking to assembly, fully automated processing.
②Pressing and Punching -> Exchanging liners -> Sheet cutting
③Automated continuation processor to the automated packing machine
④Heat shrink machine
⑤Inspection and sensing system for irregular punching and conveyer troubles

6. Designing punching die prototypes
Prototype production and from drawing process flow
Determination of a suitable punching die
Swift trial production of nonstandard design using CAD PLOTTER

Tape Processing Equipment

  Equipment Name of Items Units
NC Fast Cutting Machine Set
(Cutting device, Laminating device, take-up device and cutter)
SP-350 2
NC Fast Cutting Machine Set
(Cutting device, Laminating device, take-up device and cutter)
MP-500R 1
NC Fast Cutting Machine Set
(Cutting device, Laminating device, take-up device and cutter)
MP-200SR 1
NC Fast Sheet Cutter
(Width 600mm/m)
AC-600L 1
5 NC Fast Precision Cutting Machine MP-850SL 1
6 Slitter
Maximum material width: 600mm
Minimum slit width: 10mm
7 Laminating Machine (heating method)
Maximum material width: 700mm
Number of product axes: 3 axes
8 Laminating Machine (heating method)
Maximum material width: 500mm
9 Sheet Cutting Machine Maximum material width: 300mm 1
10 Dobby Press Machine 10 ton 5
11 Komatsu Press Machine 45 ton 1
12 Tomson Press Machine 10 ton 1
13 Hydraulic Press Machine 50 ton (In-house Processing equipment) 2
14 Kyori Precision Stamping Press Machine 10 ton 1
15 Automated Tape-cutting, Pasting and Folding machine for Laminates (In-house Processing equipment) 1
16 Automated Polishing, Laminating, and Punching Machine (In-house Processing equipment) 1
17 Automated Folding Machine for PET (In-house Processing equipment) 4
18 Shrinking Machine    
19 Pillow Packing Machine Effective width: 50mm–150mm
Effective height: Max 60mm
20 Pad Printing Machine Effective width: 120mm
Effective length: 120mm
※ The printable range may vary depending on the ratio of width to length.


21 Semi-Automated Sealing Machine Effective width: 450×450  
22 Other in-house manufacturing equipment
1. Semi-Automated Heat Adhesion Machine for Nonwoven Fablics
2. Ink-jet Printer


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