Head office
19 Akabane, Kogami, Kawamata-machi, Date-gun,
Fukushima 960-1407, JAPAN
Shirakawa factory
1-2 Shinnatunashi, Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima 961-0024, JAPAN
Tokyo office
6-24-14 Umeda, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-0851, JAPAN
TEL +81-3-3880-0455


 Shirakawa factory




Tape Processing Techniques And Equipment

1. List of Processing Techniques 


Slit width > 5mm  Limit breadth 750mm


Three axes     Limit breadth 700mm
Simultaneous whole area pasting
Patial laminati


Whole punching
Combined whole punching and half-cutting
Punching with partial exposure of adheasive area
Punching for multiply combined materials 
(beaten copper, abrasive, nonwoven fablic, beaten stainless-steel, plastic film)

4.Inspection and Packing
Visual inspection, Magnifying lens, Stereomicroscope
Toolmaker's microscope


5.In-house automated equipment
Negative punching -> Rearrangement -> Mounted on a dispenser -> Heat monding
Pressing and Punching -> Exchanging liners -> Sheet cutting
Automated continuation procesure to the automated packing machine
Inspection and sensing system for irregular punching and conveyer troubles


6.designing punching die prototypes
Prototype production and from drawing process flow
Determination of a suitable punching die
Swift trial production of nonstandard design using CAD PLOTTER



2. List of Tape Processing Equipment

  設備 品名/機能 台数
NC Fast Cutting Machine Set
(Cutting device, Laminating device, take-up device and cutter)
SP-350 2
NC Fast Cutting Machine Set
(Cutting device, Laminating device, take-up device and cutter)
MP-500R 1
NC Fast Cutting Machine Set
(Cutting device, Laminating device, take-up device and cutter)
MP-200SR 1
NC Fast Sheet Cutter
(Width 600mm/m)
AC-600L 1
5 NC Fast Precision Cutting Machine MP-850SL 1
6 Slitter
7 Slitter HBR-600 1
8 Laminating Machine (heating method)
9 Sheet Cutting Machine   1
10 Dobby Press Machine 10 ton 5
11 Komatsu Press Machine 45 ton 1
12 Tomson Press Machine 10 ton 1
13 Hydraulic Press Machine 50 ton (In-house Processing equipment) 3
14 Kyori Precision Stamping Press Machine 10 ton 1
15 Automated Tape-cutting,Pasting and Folding machine for Laminates (In-house Processing equipment) 1
16 Automated Poliching, Laminating, and Punching Machine (In-house Processing equipment) 1
17 Automated Folding Machine for PET (In-house Processing equipment) 4
18 Shrinking Machine   1
19 Pillow Packing Machine   1
20 Pad Printing Machine  


21 Semi-Automated Sealing Machine   1
22 Semi-Automated Heat Adhesion Machine for Nonwoven Fablics (In-house Processing equipment) 1
23 Ink-jet Printer (In-house Processing equipment) 1


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