Head office(Shirakawa Factory)
1-2 Shinnatunashi, Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima 961-0024, JAPAN
Tokyo office
6-24-14 Umeda, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-0851, JAPAN
TEL +81-3-3880-0455

 Shirakawa factory

  Shirakawa factory

Comany History
1957 Began to deal with Japan Oil Seal Industrial Co., Ltd. as a private enterprise.
・Press processing of oil seal metal case.
1959 Established Nisshin Production, Ltd.
1967 Established Kawamata Industrial Co., Ltd. in Fukushima as a related company.
・Press processing of oil seal metal case.
1978 Began to deal with the Ibaragi factory of Japan Mektron Co., Ltd.
Established Echo Electricity Co., Ltd. in Fukushima Pref.
・Production of cassette mechanism as a cooperation factory of Alps Electricity Co., Ltd.
1982 Began to deal with the South Ibaragi factory of Japan Mektron Co., Ltd.
Busbar cutting for power source/Assembling.
1983 Began to deal with Sumitomo 3M Co., Ltd.
・Processing of damping visco elastic material began.
1986 Echo Electricity Co., Ltd. obtained N1-V of Delco Electric Company(USA) as the Alpine group.
1991 Echo Electricity Co., Ltd. began to deal with Commercial Consumer Manufacture Management of Sumitomo 3M Co., Ltd.
・Manufacturing of the Office Product.
1992 Oct. The firm name of Nisshin Production, Ltd. was changed to Nisshin Manufacturing Co ., Ltd. as ware organizations.
1997 Kawamata Industrial Co., Ltd. established the press processing technology of new production method for the automatic transmission of high-tension steel plate.
1999 Dec. Began to deal with Iwate 3M Co., Ltd.
2001 13th of Apr. Obtained the ISO9002 certificate.
Established Integral pulling press processing technology of metal and visco elastic materials for the Hard Disk's suspension damper. (Obtained a joint patent with Sumitomo 3M Co., Ltd.).
2002 Manufactured the press machine for the magnesium alloyed metal.
・100ton × 4, 50ton × 4
2003 Dec. Transferred the business of the oil seal production in Kawamata Industrial Co., Ltd. and also the production of wiring power source parts as well as the metal molding in Echo Electricity Co., Ltd.
・Planned to make a choice and concentration of business.
2004 8th of Apr. Merged the associated companies 'Kawamata Industrial Co., Ltd.' and 'Echo Electricity Co., Ltd.' The firm name was newly named as 'Echo Electricity Co., Ltd.
1st of May. Obtained the ISO9001 certificate.
Sep. Began to deal with Yamagata 3M Co., Ltd.
2005 Apr. Began to deal with 3M Health Care Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
2007 Mar. Development machine completion of basic externals inspection machine
(The small and medium-sized enterprise new active conduct of business support subsidy delivery is received from the Ministry of Economy. Trade and Industry.)
2010 May.  Obtained ISO9001:2008 certificate

May. Completed our cover strip punch prototype model that is utilized for subculture adherent cultured cells with financial help from Fukushima industrial rehabilitation centre.

July 27th. Relocated our Main factory function from Hirono to Shirakawa.

2012  Jan 18th. Shirakawa factory obtained a licence of medical device manufacturer.
Licence number ; 07BZ200039

March 19th. Our medical device Strip Meniscometry Tube(SMTube)  has been registered for FDA .

Oct 6th. We have obtained ISO 13485:2003 and EN ISO 13485:2012 certification.

Sep. Registered to HSA (Health Science Authority of Singapore).

Apr. Registered to MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of South Korea).
May. Patented Strip Meniscometry Tube.
2020 Oct.  Obtained ISO14001:2015 certificate